Now Available

  1. Suffolk zoning maps are currently being added
  2. New adjustments to the current Nassau CMA
  3. Ability to export co-op sales data
  4. All new street names have been added to all counties where they exist
  5. New NYC and Nassau tax tables
  6. Mortgages are not available in Nassau, Suffolk and NYC

Great New Data in NYC

Besides what is new in NYC did you know that when you bring up a property you can get comps right away by clicking on Get Value? This is a automated procedure that search the same building class over the past 9 months and give you comps right away. This is a quick way of doing a radius search and can save you time.

New Features in the NYC Assessment Data

  1. House style (Ranch, Old style, Colonial, Cape Cod etc)
  2. Definitively identify if a building is attached, detailed or semi-attached)
  3. Exterior construction (Masonry, Stucco, Frame etc)
  4. Garage Type (Basement Garage, Attached etc)
  5. Garage square footage
  6. Finished square footage of the building
  7. Unfinished square footage of the building
  8. Complete breakdown of the square footage in a building that is mixed use (commercial SF, retail SF etc)
  9. Better lot information as to if it's waterfront, corner or interior lot, and more
  10. Building altered date if a building has been changed or alter we have the date
  11. Appraiser parcel number (APN)
  12. Easement information if there is one
  13. Historic District if property is in one
  14. Landmark name if a property is one

NYC Sales

Sales have a Contract Date as well as an indication if it's a Arms Length Transaction.

Cooperative Sales

Did you know in Co-op sales we have Unit # and number of Shares?